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Welcome worthy woman!

I’m Lori Fields, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Personal Development Coach and I’m so glad you’re here.

Since you’re new to this site and to me, I’d like to officially welcome you and begin by explaining what kind of information and support you can expect to receive here.

This will help you decide if you’d like to stay. It will also give you the chance to practice being mindful of your choices; of who and what you allow into your life and your inbox.

This practice of mindful choosing will help you take back control of your sacred time because when you're selective about how you use your time and what you allow into your life, you end up reaching your goals and getting what you want. And that is what I want for you. 

(See how I just snuck in this first little lesson in taking back control of your time & your life. Yeah, I’m kind of sneaky like that!)


Let's start here

Before I tell you a little more about what you can expect here, I want to share a quick note about what you won’t find.


This isn’t a quick-fix, 10 surefire ways to boost your confidence; get rich and love your life in 7 days’  kind of place.


I won’t be sharing ‘the one BIG secret to fixing your entire life by Friday’ kind of content with you.

Instead, what I will give you is information and strategies that are proven to work and sustainable. Simple, clear methods that when incorporated into your every day life, will be extremely helpful in getting your life back on track.


I do my best to offer you real solutions that you can return to & rely on at any time in your life to help bring about the lasting change you’re looking for.

A quick word of caution: these strategies have been known to cause miracles; I just can’t promise it will happen by Friday.

So, who is this site for?


The women who come to my website and my teachings are usually at a crossroads in their life. Usually, that crossroads feels something like this:

The thought of remaining the same feels more painful than the courage it will take to change. 

In other words, if you’re tired of feeling stuck, overwhelmed, undeserving or unfulfilled and you’re ready to do something about it then I'd encourage you to stay.


If you stick around here for any length of time you’ll hear me talk a lot about the concepts of worthiness and deserving. You’ll notice that the threads of worthiness and deserving are woven into everything I do.


Here's why...

Because the most effective way to help you get everything you want for yourself and in your life, the big stuff and the small; is through the gates of worthiness.


So, I will break down the concepts of worthiness to help you see if your own 'story of deserving' might be playing a bigger role than you realize in keeping you stuck.

I write and teach about a lot of big topics; like how to feel vulnerable & strong; how to feel flawed and still worthy; and how to find meaning in the pain so you can begin to feel a little more free.


I ask deep questions; like what is it I really need to heal? What is it I’m trying so hard to prove? How bad do I want what I want? And do I really feel worthy of having it?


I challenge you to try new things; like letting go of what’s making you suffer, valuing yourself first and most; setting new boundaries, and practicing radical self-care.

As you’ve probably noticed, I kind of ‘get off’ on addressing the BIG stuff; the complicated, deep and sometimes scary issues in life.


I do it because I’m not trying to help you get rich or happy by the end of the week, I’m interested in helping you change the quality of your life FOREVER.


I’m interested in showing you that even when you take the smallest step inside the waters of worthiness you hold the power to create meaningful change.

I’ve been helping people alleviate their own suffering so they can get the most out of their life for a very long time. This is my area of expertise and my life’s mission.


I know how painful it can feel to live a watered down version of your life when you know there’s something more you’re supposed to be.

And I know how life-changing it is when you realize how your Story of Deserving holds the power to set you free. 

Whether you’re standing at the crossroads of a major transformation or you’re just beginning to question what it is you really want; you are most welcome here and I will do my best to help you get where you want to go.

It doesn’t matter if you’re ready to deep-dive into the warrior’s journey or you’d like to sit quietly and listen.

There’s a million ways to worthiness. Start wherever you are.

Go ahead and click on the links below.  Browse around and see how you feel.
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