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Group Practice with Lori


are worthy

Learn the real deal to getting the love & life you want.

Are you frustrated that you're not getting the results in your life that you want?

Do you feel like you try so hard but you’re still struggling with money or love or truly loving your life?


Have you ever thought, “but I have so much to give, how come I’m not getting what I really want?"

Is your inner mean girl often running the show and making you feel bad?


Are you afraid that you’ll never be, or have what you truly want?


Have you tried other self-help coaches or courses but nothing seems to stick?

If so, you can take a deep breath, relax, put your worries on the back burner for a moment (or forever) because you’re in the right place. 


My 2 month, highly personalized, online group coaching program will give you the self-awareness and concrete principles you need to define and design your best life. 

Group begins soon.   
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Why you're not getting the love and life you want.

If you're not getting what you want, whether it's in your love life or your bank account; if you find yourself stuck in fear or guilt, if you're experiencing a disconnect between what you want and what you actually have, then there's a much deeper story playing out about what it is you think you deserve.


It was true for me and it's true for every single woman I work with. It's the reason why after you've tried a bunch of other things to help you change your life, nothing has really stuck.


It hasn't stuck because you can never out-perform or out-earn what you feel you deserve.

Here's the good news.

In my one-of-a-kind, online group coaching program, I'm going to teach you my proven & distinctive Laws of Worthiness.  These are the principles you must know in order to powerfully define and design your richest, most rewarding life.  

During our time together you will begin to see how your story of worthiness is the driving force that determines the quality of your entire life. 


There's a well known Law of Attraction that states, "When you want something, the Universe conspires to help you achieve it." 

This is only half-true. This Law does not speak to the most critical's not enough to want it, you HAVE to believe you are worthy of it.

This is this crucial piece, the worthiness piece, that few people know about or teach.  This is why you've been trying so hard to reach your goals only to end up feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, stressed and defeated. You may have even thought, "What's wrong with me?"

Take a deep breath, there's nothing wrong with you.  You just haven't discovered the Laws of Worthiness. This is where I come in.


Through our work, I'll help you understand how the worthiness factor is playing out in your everyday life and what small shifts you can make right now to improve your relationships, make more money, overcome fear, manage your time and shape your life in a way that feels deeply meaningful and fulfilling. 

After just 4 hours of work together Michelle began to see how The Laws of Worthiness had been playing out in her own life.  Here's what she had to say about her experience...


"Oh the Law of Worthiness! That is SO good. Before any Law of Attraction can even take place I must feel that I am worthy of it. That is exactly what's starting to happen for me."


"Through working with you I can now see that all of the external things I was attempting to change were really just wasted efforts without my worthiness work."


"This is without a doubt the most life-changing work I've ever done on myself and by far the best investment I've made in myself.  Thank you for guiding me through this amazing work. You are brilliant! No other business, personal or "spiritual" course has even come close." - Michelle H

Michelle didn't just get lucky in terms of figuring out how to change her life. Her story is proof of what can happen when you dig into your life and hold yourself accountable for going after what you really want. After spending 10 years of time and money wanting to feel confident and empowered in her business and life, in just 4 sessions together, everything began to turn around. I can show you how to get the same results.

How it works.

Group practice begins Monday, May 4th and runs through Friday, June 26th

This willl be a very small and intimate group of no more than 20 women.  We'll connect each day inside our private facebook community about how to effectively manage things like guilt, fear, self-doubt, sabotaging patterns and the nasty mean girl in your head.

You'll learn how to eliminate distraction and start saying 'no' to all the things that are weighing you down so you can control how you use your time.


You’ll stop trying so hard. You’ll care less about being who you think you should be and become more of who you want to be.

After our 2 months together you will have an abundance of concrete
 tools and strategies you can rely on at any time to help you feel powerful, confident and in control.

All of our daily coaching, content and conversations will take place inside a private facebook group. The daily schedule is totally flexible and completely up to you. You can show up inside the coaching community any time of day, around your everyday life. 

Whenever you come into the group you'll have access to all the information since our group began. You can post questions or comments anytime. You can share what's working or where you're feeling stuck. You'll receive my ongoing feedback, guidance and support to help you stay motivated and accountable. 


Over our 2 months together you'll get:

* Daily teachings on The Laws of Worthiness, inside our safe and private community.


* Ongoing mentorship to help you start paying attention to how you're showing up to and managing the moments of your life.


* An abundance of daily content, worksheets and practical tools.

* Freedom and flexibilty. This online program works around your schedule. Connect with the community and the coaching materials            anytime you wish.


* To give back. On behalf of our group I'll purchase a Kiva loan to support a very deserving female entreprenuer in need. 

There's no other coaching program that offers you this kind of expert mentoring, personalized guidance and daily accountability in real-time as you'll receive here. This unique group program is specifically designed for you to learn how to live the life you really want and deserve. 

The direct contact you'll have with me is valued at well over $15,000, but you can be part of this special 2 month group program for only $500.
Yes, that's the investment for the entire 2 months. 

Real Women. Real Results.

“Joining this group is one of the best things I have ever done.  It has helped me let out the happier, worthy, strong woman I have been hiding.” – Becky Handley

"This group is inspiring me to take risks and swing for the fences in both my life & my career.  Being a part of this community has helped me come to some new MAJOR realizations that are helping me enlarge my career. Thank you so much."  – Tanya Richardson

"This experience has been more than just an amazing tool, it’s morphed into an encouraging touchstone for me to check in with each day & a way for me to be held accountable for promises I make to myself. Thank you to all the women inside the group & to Lori for creating this inspiring group full of amazing women!"  – Heather Zicko

“Connecting with Lori Fields is magic. Just having close access to her is worth the price alone." - Amanda Berlin

You don't get what you wish for, you get what you believe. - Elizabeth Gilbert

My entire life I've been helping women give themselves permission to feel worthy of the life they really want. 

Wanting your life to feel different is a wonderful place to start, but nothing happens by wanting and wishing alone. Achieving your greatest life is a true rite of passage, for those with the desire to rise to the calling.

If you're ready to discover the life-changing results of what happens when you put The Laws of Worthiness to work in your own life, I hope you'll say 'yes' for yourself today. 

Group begins soon.  
Get on the list to be the first to learn more. 

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