A little bit of worthiness does a world of good. 

When you sign up for private practice with me, I will purchase a micro-loan on your behalf for a female entrepreneur in need.  You will have the opportunity to give a very deserving woman a chance: to start businesses, go to school, feed her family, change her life. 


This small act from us sends a big message to her: that her life matters and she is worthy, just like you.

Thanks to you, we're giving these women a chance.

Teresita is a 44 year old married woman from the Philippines with 7 children (2 of them in school).

She will use our loan to buy more raw materials for her weaving business. S
he would like to save enough money so she can afford to send her children to college.
Learn more about Teresita here:

Clare, an 18 year old woman from Uganda.


She will use our loan to expand her business by purchasing more piglets and chicken birds for her farm. She is hoping to generate greater profits so she can go to school. 

Learn more about Clare her here:

These ten hard-working women from Guatemala are strongly motivated to empower themselves and eliminate poverty. 

Gloria, the Secretary will use our loan to purchase more shoes for her store. She hopes to offer her children a better future.

Learn more about La Felicidad Group here:

Leonor is 64 years old and lives in the Philippines. She is single without children. 

Leonor has a medicine business and will use our loan to buy more medicines to cater customer needs.

Learn more about Leonor here:

Flora, 64, is a hard-working, entrepreneurial woman. She was widowed at the age of 25 and was left alone to raise her 2 children.

She will use our loan to buy flour, yeast, eggs, sugar, vitamins, toners, etc., to make more bread, sell more medicines & improve her sales.

Learn more about Flora here:

Matea is married and has a food vending business in the Philippines. She has been in this business for 10 years now.

Matea will use our loan to purchase ingredients for her food production business. She is hoping to provide a secure future for her family.

Learn more about Matea here:

Uzma has successfully built her business stitching clothes so she can contribute to the family income.  

Our loan will enable her to increase her to stitching and finish up more dresses on time to earn more profit.

Learn more about Uzma here:

Qristine lives in Kapan with her husband and two school age children. 

Qristine herself runs a farm. She will use our loan to enlarge her livestock with three more cows and expand her cattle breeding.

Learn more about Qristine here:

Ulmasoy is a married, 66-year-old woman with one adult son. She works in the trading business; selling hygienic and cleaning products.

She will use our loan to order more products and expand her selection.

Learn more about Qristine here:

Luz is a married 21 year old wife and mother living in Peru. She & her husband own a grocery store.

She will use our loan to buy building materials such as cement, plaster and corrugated iron in order to stock up her store.

Learn more about Luz here:

Uzma is a 36-year-old married woman and mother of 4 children living in Pakistan.

She owns a beauty parlor in partnership with an expert in hair styling and cutting. She will use our loan to  buy new furniture & additional cosmetic products. She also wants to open another salon. 

Learn more about Uzma here:

A small loan to a woman in need makes a BIG difference.




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