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How The Magic Happens

It was said in a joking kind of way, but it was all truth.

My brother and I were talking about strategies behind recruiting and hiring your best employees.

“If they’re relying on me each day to get them motivated, he says, then there's a strong chance it won't work out.”

(Insert sister sarcasm with a tinge of truth about if someone’s looking for motivation I’m clearly the better choice.)

You can and should (and I almost never say should) use all that’s happening around you as inspiration and motivation. I absolutely do.

But no external person, place or thing can do for you what you can’t do for yourself.

Nothing can compensate for what you don't yet feel.

I’ve use the following example often in my coaching.

Imagine two baseball fields. Each field represents your internal state with yourself.

You of course want to be playing on the field of dreams. The field where wins come easy, the lights shine bright, the fans are plenty and everything feels exciting.

The field where it's easy to be motivated, where those you admire are all hanging out.

You want to play catch there, with them.

The problem is...they can’t play catch with you because you’re standing somewhere else.

You're on the other field.

The field of waiting, wishing and wanting. The field of hoping that someone or something will come along and offer rescue. But life doesn't work like that.

What you have in your life right now tells the real story of where you’re standing with yourself.

Outcome is not a reflection of how fiercely you wish, how badly you want or how hard you work.

Outcome meets you where you are.

The magic you seek, where things come easier happens when The Laws of Energy intersect with your state of worthiness.

The magic can’t find you if you’re standing on the wrong field (aka: the wrong internal state with yourself).

The magic happens once you decide to play ball somewhere else.

The field of dreams is an internal state. It’s not available to you anytime you want. It's available once you feel worthy of playing Pro Ball.

Whether you want to make silly books or seriously increase your earnings, make one move right now that allows you to feel lighter, more free, more energized and excited. One small move that brings relief. Then another, then another, then another.

Keep it simple, enjoyable and easy. And delight in each little move.

Not because you have to. Not because you should. But because you're ready now to live in a way that’s far more satisfying.

The Magic of Worthiness. It’s how you turn the tide for good.

It’s also my specific area of research and professional practice for over 20 years. When you’re ready to GO PRO, nobody knows worthy and how to apply it like I do.

"It ain’t bragging if you can back it up. - Muhammad Ali"

Float like a butterfly Lori. Don’t struggle, strain and stress. Don’t wish and want and wait.

The magic's inside of you. No need to go looking for it somewhere else.

xx Lori


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