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This one question and simple practice offers the rescue & relief you've been looking for.

Does this add value?

This was the question Kristen Chenoweth consistently asked on the set of Hairspray Live if someone pitched a joke, a melody change, or any other type of revision.

“Does this (suggested action) add value?”

It was a game changer for Arianna Grande and is now something she incorporates into her life regularly whether she’s deciding what to eat for breakfast or considering edits to a song.

Does this add value?

I now offer this powerful tool to you as a method for taking ownership of all your moves.

It only works though by getting clear on how you define ‘value.’

Value isn’t about making perfect choices; the ones you think you should be making to follow the plan and be productive.

Snuggling under the covers, after the kids get on the bus, to enjoy the show you’ve been waiting to watch, can be just as productive as having a day of checking all your boxes. The only way it’s not is if you make yourself feel bad about it.

Remember, it’s the internal state with yourself that influences results more than anything else.

So as you begin to apply this tool, “Does this hold value?” keep in mind that defining ‘value’ in narrow terms won’t offer much ease or freedom.

You have to widen your definition in order for the effects to be truly transformative.

Any choice adds value if it allows you to feel relaxed, lighter, energized, more satisfied with yourself.

It's this simple practice that offers rescue and relief from sabotage. Because if you pause for just a moment before each choice and decide that yes, this next move holds value; then there’s nothing to punish, compensate or feel guilty about.

It’s totally radical and really works.

PS: Your reasons need not look like anyone else’s. They don’t require apology or explanation.

Deeply satisfied people don’t answer to anyone but themselves. __________________

xx Lori

(The picture is me (far right), my brother, my older sister and my grandmother "Bubby")

Why did I include the picture above? To remind you that looking back at old photos of yourself and your family absolutely holds value. Hard work and money are just two things of value, they are no more important than anything else.

Deeply satisfied: if this is how you’re longingly to feel about yourself and your life, I’m your woman.


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