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The Transformation You've Been Dreaming Of

Having broken into the Country Music industry she was on the verge of living her dream.

And then the warnings came:

Don’t step outside traditional country music boundaries. ▪Make sure your songs sound really country because listeners might think you're being disingenuous. ▪Don't make your songs sound too R&B. ▪Write songs that are "fluffy" & "happy."

The stress and anxiety of these warnings caused Mickey Guyton to struggle greatly. Trapped in internal conflict, she suffered from insomnia and developed a drinking problem, her artistry wasn’t going anywhere.

Out of integrity with yourself, the need for escapism, compensation and relief is great.

Beyond metrics, motivation and money. Beyond hustling, hard work and hope...there's something far more powerful, something that matters more than anything else.

It’s your deep rooted relationship with yourself.

Witnessing her struggle, Guyton’s husband told her the reason country music and the music industry in general wasn't working for her was because she was running away from everything that made her different.

(Mickey has since made history as the first Black solo female artist to earn a Grammy nomination in a country music category and on Sunday, she'll make history again as the first Black woman to host the Academy of Country Music Awards.)

The success you crave Lori, requires being in full alignment with yourself.

When you’re done with discipline and disappointment, when you’re done having things feels heavy and hard......I’m your girl.

Fine tuning your state with yourself sets the foundation for the kind of transformation you’ve been dreaming of.

xx Lori


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