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The Type of Rescue, Relief & Ease You Dream Of

When things feel heavy and hard, when you've been working hard and still feel disappointed in the results, it's an indication that you're out of alignment (or what Martha Beck refers to as integrity) with yourself.

Martha offers the following four questions to help us come back into a solid place with ourselves.


What do I really feel? What do I really know? Am I saying what I really mean? Am I doing what I really want to do?

It's scares us to engage in this practice; to ask and answer these four questions honestly and then allow our moves to follow suit.

It scares us not because we don't think it will work, but because deep down we have a hunch it will.

Continuing on trying to fix yourself, trying to be more focused, disciplined, consistent and scheduled will never move the needle long-term.

But integrity with yourself, the ability to look and live beyond what you hope happens and focus instead on becoming fiercely protective of your state of integrity with yourself, this is how you break free finally.

This is what provides the type of rescue, relief and ease you dream of.

Disciplined strategy will NEVER out-power or out-perform devotion to self.

xx Lori

ps. Things are heavy and hard for everybody right now. Our world at large is significantly out of alignment. Struggling doesn't mean you're doing something wrong, it's an invitation to practice taking good care of yourself.


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