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The Most Productive State You Could Be In

Inner state matters more than anything else. The name of the game when it comes to productivity, success & extracting the maximum satisfaction from both this moment and your life is rooted in the ongoing application of, “what small move can I make right now that helps place me in a better internal state with myself.”

(You might want to grab a sharpie, write that last statement down & keep it nearby.)


The cost of not doing so is an approach and experience that ends up feeling harder and heavier than it has to, followed by an outcome that disappoints.

After many many years of deep research and applied practice, this is a factor hugely overlooked.

Strategy, discipline and desire don’t mean much if you're in a not-so-great place with yourself.

In a crazy time where we seem to be thrown off track constantly: this is the practice that helps keep you grounded into a solid state with yourself.

There’s always at least one small move we can make to enter into an improved state with ourselves.

This morning, for me it was all about changing up my morning schedule; I hit the grocery store before the last of my kids even got on the bus (thank you hubby for helping). I practically had the store to myself, I whizzed around, easy peasy, got all the ingredients to make cupcakes for my daughter’s bday this weekend, hit the gas station to put air in my tires and was chair dancing to Shakira on the ride home. It’s 8:45A and I’m feeling mad productive.

(This post is just one of the many positive results.)

Just to be clear: the goal isn’t to TRY to be more productive.

As every young Jedi learns, there's no such thing as try. There is only DO.

So your "DO" becomes:

”What’s one move I want to make to be in a good place with myself.

Notice I said 'want'.

You have to first decide you want to be in a powerful state.

Sometimes the most productive move we can make is to take a nap; or walk away from what we’re trying to accomplish that just isn’t flowing.

You know my friend I told you about who is hugely protective of his work calendar? I’ve since learned a lot more about his ninja like efficiency habits. Turns out, he's a fan of the power nap. Makes perfect sense.

Rather than thinking in terms of good habits or bad. Rather than measuring or judging at all; try using your inner instinct as the powerful guide it is.

Trust that whatever small move you have a hunch you need to make is the exact right power move for you. Because it is.

Lastly, know this.

We usually shy away from making the small moves we know would help (& feel good), not because we’re scared they don’t have value, but because deep down (unconsciously) we know they do and we’ve yet to reconcile feeling worthy of having our life feel that good.

I’m here to tell you that worthy of feeling good:

anytime you want, for any reason and no reason at all, no matter what’s weighing heavy from your past, no matter the ways you still feel disappointed in yourself, no matter what you have yet to accomplish; is what breaks your patters of sabotage and allows you access to the power & potential you’ve had all along.


(You might want to black sharpie this statement as well!)

Permission to protect your inner state & feeling deeply deserving of doing so.

From this place, all that you want, becomes possible.

xx Lori

As always, if you want my help applying these principles to your life, so you can enjoy powerful benefits, just say the word. You're the reason I do what I do.


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