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Fiercely Protective

Ralph Lauren isn’t one for doing much socializing. He turns down a whole lot of social invitations because when he’s not working, it’s family that’s priority.

Ed Sheeran got rid of his cell phone, at least for the better part of a year. It was too much of a distraction with too may people asking for things. It was messing with his creativity. He wanted his life to feel different.

One of my good friends, a business owner with multiple office locations, automates his daily work schedule so that nobody can schedule a meeting with him sooner than 2 hours out from the current time. He doesn’t want to be caught off guard. He doesn’t want to have to drop what’s he’s doing because someone wants his time in 5 minutes. It’s brilliant.

Every time I step on the treadmill I say to myself, “This is mine.” This is my sacred time. My family knows not to bother me.

Fiercely, radically protective, over what you want, need and value most. Getting what you want can’t happen any other way.

Most people wish for change without becoming more selective and protective over their trades.

Forgive me for stating the obvious, but we need repetition and regular reminding; if you keep making the same trades, you’ll keep getting the exact same thing.

You won’t be more of anything someplace down the line if you’re not that way today.

Where you wish for change you have to want and enjoy being fiercely protective over your trades.

I wrote this post to you this morning before getting out of bed because I know that once my kids catch sight of me, it’s much harder to protect what I hope to accomplish.


It’s not what we say or what we wish for, it’s what we protect that determines what happens next

If things are feeling off, if you’ve been working too hard for too long and not in love with where you’re at, pause throughout the day today and take a close look at your trades.

Even the smallest move to begin protecting what you value is enough to turn the tide.

PS…You’re allowed to change your trades, your terms, your boundaries at any time.

My 7 yr old daughter drew this picture of a lion in her art class last year. It hangs, proudly, in our kitchen.

The other day she told me it was a portrait of me. I think she was trying to get a rise out of me, but I take it as the highest of compliments.

I hope she really does see me like a lion. I want my kids feel fiercely & ferociously protected by me, always and in all ways.

It's why I'm cautious about who get's in close. Once you're in, I feel responsible for your protection.

Protective like a lion, over only those things that matter most. Let’s see if that doesn’t change things.

xx Lori


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