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Happy Valentine's Day!

I recently stumbled upon the note above, drawn on a sticky note by one of my kids.

I'm not sure which kid wrote it or when. But I'm certain that it's truth.

Love really is everything. It's the stuff of great poetry, song and relationships.

It's usually the ingredient most missing when we feel trapped in struggle.

When things aren't going as planed, when we just can't seem to catch-a-break, our knee-jerk reaction is to get tougher, harsher with ourselves, more serious, focused and disciplined.

This must be the thing I'm doing wrong, that seems to be happening easier for others?

It isn't.

Devotion always trumps discipline.

I received an email the other day from a client asking my advice on something specific. In the email she stated at least five times, very clearly, what she really wanted. But woven throughout her clarity and weighing heavy, was doubt and questioning. At the end of her email she asked what I thought?

I offered the following:

You don't need my advice, in fact I'm tempted to tell you not to do the thing you so clearly want to. Because success, the deeply satisfying, lasting kind, is always about self-permission.

And permission only happens from a place of deep love and worthiness.

Whether you're trying to make more money, improve your health or a relationship, where you're wanting something so desperately and dying for things to feel easier, you're being called to love yourself more & differently.

Perhaps one of the most helpful perspectives we can hold is what my husband refers to as the rocking chair test.

When you're old and at the end of your life, sitting quietly in your rocking chair, reflcting on your life, you're never going to wish you were harder on yourself. I promise.

Perhaps every secret we need to know about how to live our richest, most satisfying life, we've known since we were 7. We scribbled it on a sticky note and luckily our mom found it.

I've tucked that note inside my daughter's special box for her to reference throughout her life as needed.

Love is the answer to what you're seeking.

It really is everything.

xx Lori


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