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If You Plan To Succeed

Ben’s father-in-law is a highly successful real-estate investor. Throughout his career, he’s had hundreds of people ask him if they should “go into real-estate.”

He tells every one of them the same thing: that they shouldn’t do it.

In fact, he actually tries talking most of them out of it. And in most cases, he succeeds.

Why would he do that?

“Those who are going to succeed will do so regardless of what I say,” Ben’s father-in-law told him.

Internal permission is always stronger than external validation. And permission is only something you can do for yourself.

Wanting praise, recognition, or someone else’s 'buy in' is a perfectly normal thing; but no longer needing it before making the choices you want to make is the inner Worthiness move that sets you free, finally.

The less we need externally, the more powerful we become.

Where you feel stuck & stressed, you are make different choices, usually ones you have a hunch will be far more satisfying.

Things get easier and better once you start making the choices you want to make for the reasons you want to make them.

Feeling deeply worthy of doing so, is the game-changer.

xx Lori


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