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Goals & Rules

Today's truth: KEY TRUTH #2 is that when it comes to reaching goals,THERE ARE NO RULES.

You don’t have to follow a specific diet in order to lose weight or be in a state of great health.

You don’t have to track your workouts or count reps in order to be muscular and fit. You can go for a run in regular street clothes.

You don’t need to work a certain number of hours to make good money. You can work two hours a day and be wildly productive. You can work while you’re on the treadmill or tidying up the house. (Two methods I use myself and highly recommend.)

You don’t even have to be serious in your approach. You can choose a method that feels playful and fun, one that feels a tad bit ridiculous or rebellious. (I highly recommend you do).

There’s a reason why unstructured playtime for children is hugely important. It’s no different for adults.

You in a state of feeling relaxed, playful and free stimulates your senses differently. It provides fertile ground for your creativity and imagination to flourish.

There’s an incredible amount of positive effects that take place when you’re in a state of free flow and play; still we’re fiercely attached to rules and rigid thinking.

If we’re serious in our pursuit of more, then we have to be willing to consider that our usual approach is seriously flawed.

Your willingness to wipe the slate clean; to re-think the rules you’ve been holding yourself to, rules that haven’t delivered what you want, in any kind of lasting way; is how you begin the process I want to take you on; where what you want comes easier and the approach is far more enjoyable.

In simple terms; you can’t exchange your time and efforts for ways you don’t love and then expect to love the result.

Success doesn’t come from deprivation or discipline, it comes from daring to enjoy the process.

Which means, time spent figuring out what works best for you; is time well spent.

Like a craftsman sharpening his tools, the more time spent sharpening your axe, discovering which methods resonate with you, the more likely you are to be met with an outcome you love.

Success doesn’t come from strategy; it comes from loving your approach. And no singular strategy is ever more powerful than the state you’re in with yourself.

If you were building your dream house, these two ideas would be the ones I’d want you to cement into the foundation. The strength and beauty of everything else is dependent upon them.

I came across an intriguing phrase in my reading recently; debt of character and purpose.

This is exactly what happens when we subscribe to ways and ideas we don’t love. We fall deeper and deeper into debt; quite possibly financial debt, but more troubling, debt with ourselves and the hopes we have for our life.

When things are feeling too hard for too long it’s an indicator that you’re agreeing to too many terms that are out of alignment with who you are and what you value.

You have the potential to enjoy the success you want. It’s easier than you think. But only if you’re willing to firm up and start feeling really good about the way you’re doing things, only if you’re willing to stop looking around and following along.

Most people won’t do what I’m suggesting. They are more comfortable in a story of struggle than one of feeling lucky and in love with how they're living.

But if you’re done with heavy and hard and hustling and you're not loving how things are going, I hope you’ll experiment with the principles I'm sharing.

You are freer than you think, and you’re allowed to love what you’re doing, even if those around you don’t.

Feeling worthy of enjoying our approach is what we fight against the most, it’s also the key to all that you long for.

xx Lori


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