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The Approach That Makes Everything Easier

I bumped into my neighbor, Ray on the street yesterday morning. I was taking the kids for a bike ride before school and he was getting in a quick run before work.

He was sporting his regular day clothes, jeans and long sleeve jersey shirt. He runs a few times a week, two times, up and back just on our road.

I walked away from our brief conversation, inspired and impressed.

He just gets out there and does his thing. Easy peasy. He keeps it simple. He doesn’t care what others think. He doesn’t even wear workout clothes. No Fitbit or Lulu’s or fancy kicks.

It’s a far more liberating and rebellious approach.

Trusting its value makes us uncomfortable because we’ve been conditioned differently from an early age.

But it’s the way we think things need to be, it's our rigid defining and measuring and the value we place on the results that make our path to success so much harder than it has to be.

What if it were easier than you thought?

What if you didn’t need things to be a certain way before enjoying the process of showing up?

It is. And you don’t.

It doesn’t take a Peloton to have a great workout. You don’t even need workout clothes.

I’m not suggesting you stop wanting what you want. I'm suggesting you (seriously) consider this alternate approach.

Freeing yourself doesn’t take hard work, more willpower or discipline, it requires feeling Worthy of practicing an easier, more enjoyable approach.

What you’re after is closer than you think, but it requires letting go of doing things the hard way.

What’s your version of being like Ray today? Of simply stepping out, without any hangups, without having to invest in one more thing and enjoying what you’re doing.

xx Lori

PS: The image above isn't my neighbor Ray (obviously), but it speaks to a really powerful principle. Have more fun, be a little ridiculous, run in jeans or a Darth Vader costume, stop following rules that keep you hemmed in and far too serious.

None of it matters and no one cares. What matters is that you find a way to do things that feel even a bit more fun, that makes your spirit feel more alive and free.

This is the approach that allows you access, finally, to what you've been wanting for a really long time.


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