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All That You Want (Has EVERYTHING To Do With This...)

Maybe they were kidding. Maybe they weren’t. It doesn’t really matter because it’s the underlying principle that holds the power. “Ask Lionel Richie how he starts the day.” Luke Bryan says to one of the contestants on American Idol. “How does Lionel Richie start the day?” The contestant turns and asks Lionel. “I look in the mirror and say, “OMG, it’s Lionel Richie!” Says Lionel Insert joke about Lionel looking in the mirror and singing his song Hello. You have to be a certain age to appreciate the reference! It’s easy to crack a few jokes here, to think this little story insignificant, to write Lionel’s move in the mirror off as the superficial act of an ego-driven, celebrity. But it's not. Luke was serious when he asked the contestant to participate in this light-hearted little exercise. He wanted to demonstrate & drive home something serious. Whether you’re on stage auditioning for a shot at your big break or your life is feeling like groundhogs day as you’re getting the kids dressed and ready for school, no matter who you are or what you're doing, no matter the size and scope of your desires.... All that you want, for yourself and your life has EVERYTHING to do with what you see, say and believe to be true about yourself. Where you're experiencing dis-ease, where you feel hemmed in, disappointed, and trapped in sabotaging patterns, your way out isn’t by way of tough love, deprivation or discipline, (remember: devotion always trumps discipline); your way out comes from your willingness to look in the mirror and say “OMG, it’s ME!” Michael Jackson would agree. I dare you to look in the mirror today and see all the ways you're great. xx Lori

Just a reminder, when I share these principles with you, they are not just principles and theory; they are THE applied practice that leads to lasting change.


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