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Your Absolute Sweet Spot

We’ve all got hang ups. I wasn’t quite sure how to start my day this morning, after 2 of my kids got on the bus. Do you ever stop for a second and say, “Okay, which thing do I tackle first?”

Well this morning, I knew a 20 minute strength training session would serve everything else best.

Here’s why I’m sharing the above pic: I’m not wearing a sports bra, work out pants or my best sneaks. I don’t have a ton of space to workout. I've got a small corner of the living room.

(That dreamy home gym ain’t in the cards, just yet.)

But guess what?

None of my hang ups or ‘have-to-haves’ matter one bit. Yours don't either.

Turns out our hang ups are an opportunity to help ourselves out, right here, right now, before needing anything else to be different.

I love when I have a moments that make me come face to face with this powerful principle, which by the way is very much rooted in our longstanding story of worthiness.

I got a KILLER workout this morning by opening my laptop, throwing on my closest pair of kicks and just jumping in. No mat, no fancy clothes, no measuring and messing with extra stuff that’s insignificant. No waiting for anything to be different.

Dream of all that you hope for, want all the things you want and then realize you don’t need any of that shizz before exploiting the heck out of the moment in front of you. It's both an act of rebellion and deep self-care.

At the intersection of rebellion and radical self-nurture, is your absolute sweet spot.


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