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Start With What's True

She’s not pleased with her productivity these past few months.

She had high hopes for what she wanted to accomplish.

But rather than feeling inspired, motivated and focused (which she was really hoping for) she's been feeling tired and numb.

“Start with what’s true.” I told her. “And fully own that. Things have felt hard and heavy. It’s a lot.”

In our hurry to get somewhere better we bypass this step. It happens to be the most important.

Fully owning and accepting what's true for you moment to moment, without harsh critique or feeling bad, without waiving a shaming finger in your face as you struggle to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, will always take you further, faster than sitting there feeling bad.

You might want to refer to this concept repeatedly. It’s not just a philosophical ‘feel good’ idea; it’s a power principle & tangible tool rooted in 25+ years of research and clinical practice.

Somewhere better doesn’t exist without making peace with yourself right here.

Start with what’s true and embrace it with love and honor.

It’s this type of fine tuning with yourself that sets the foundation for the transformation you’ve been dreaming of.

xx Lori


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