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One Simple Shift To Better

I step on the treadmill for my morning run and discover my Pandora app is on the fritz.

“On man, this sucks.”

I usually blast my 80’s music while I run and after 4 days of Thanksgiving eating and a bad night's sleep, I could really use the motivation that music brings.

I didn’t feel like taking the time to troubleshoot the problem, so the first part of my run was quiet. I ran to the sound and view of the steady rain falling just beyond the open garage door. It was surprisingly soothing.

For the second half of my run, I re-visited some old music in my Apple library: Daughtry, Matchbox Twenty, Tina Turner. I haven’t listened to this music in years.

Instantly I was transported. Fond memories of moments from the past played like a movie in my mind. The trip down memory lane making me smile and also wonder how so many years could have passed by so fast.

I ended up running for an hour. The experience was thoroughly enjoyable.

I even stopped, more than once, to belt out some lyrics like I was Rob Thomas at The Garden. Had someone seen me, I would have appeared ridiculous. Which is another theme for another post, but I’m certain I would benefit from daring to be more ridiculous, more often.

The point here is to share how swiftly we can move from “this sucks” to “wow, this is pretty darn enjoyable.”

It doesn’t happen by force or fight, by telling yourself to, “just suck it up and power through,” but by seeing the moments that don’t go our way as an offering from above, giving us the chance to have what could end up being a surprisingly satisfying experience.

The peaceful sound of the rain pouring down, the blast of memories from a time long ago, the chance to play different music and have an entirely different experience; it all felt so good.

I barely knew I was running.

The ‘could’ factor is always up to us.

This could just be another moment to get through what feels heavy and hard or this could be the very experience you needed to enjoy something different.

The story is yours for the choosing.

It's funny how cold & rainy days don't feel so cold when you're enjoying yourself on the inside.

Better is available to you whenever you want, once you're ready to have things feel easier.

Worthy of things feeling easier is always the game-changer.

xx Lori


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