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All That You Hope To Achieve & Experience

“If I didn’t push back, my spirit would die.”

The above statement was part of a recent text exchange with a friend. The sentence just slipped out of my mouth without a whole lot of thought. But once I saw it in writing I knew it was truth.

Pushing back is a big part of who I am.

I send emails to teachers and principals pushing back on standards of practice I don’t agree with, I push my clients to re-think rules they never loved to begin with, I don’t follow diets or workout trends, I don’t join in unless the trade feels just right.

And while pushing back doesn’t always feel comfortable or work out the way I want, It’s a core trait that keeps me feeling alive, engaged and turned on.

What makes your spirit come alive must never be minimized or pushed to the side.

It’s never something that warrants explanation, apology or feeling bad. It’s not up for judgement or comparison.

What are some things that make your spirit come to life?

How much of your time is spent doing things that help you feel alive and energized?

If not much and you’re not sure then this is a most urgent place to spend a little time.

You, in a state of feeling energized and alive is the most productive and powerful state that exists. All that you hope to achieve and experience is dependent upon it.

It’s foundational to the quality of your entire life.

Permission to do more of what makes you come to life is how we help ourselves more beyond what's heavy and hard. It's frees us up to enjoy a way of life that feels so much more like us.

After a rather significant moment this week pushing back against one of my child’s teachers, we met on Zoom so we could talk things out. We were able to understand each other far better face to face and dare I say we left the conversation with a fond feeling towards each other.

It’s normal to fear that if you’re more fully yourself, if you allowed others to see a more spirited, unapologetic, honest version of yourself, you’d alienate others and struggle even more for success.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The great big, satisfying life you dream of is waiting for you to feel Worthy of expressing yourself even more.

The pic above is the clown wig I wore to my kids’ sports games on Halloween.

I was the only parent with a semi-costume on and yes I looked ridiculous. But who the F cares. Life can feel hard and boring and we’re in the midst of a pandemic. It made my spirit come to life and that's what I’m in pursuit of.

Because in that state, so much more is possible.

xx Lori


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