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Maybe Financial Freedom Will Never Happen for Me?

A Case-Study of Love & Money.

One of my private clients owns her own yoga studio. Each month she feels like she's barely scraping by. In her words, "There's barely any breathing space for me."


This kind of ‘scraping by financially’ leaves her feeling stressed and overwhelmed. It leaves her constantly doubting if she'll ever reach the level of financial freedom she desires.


Maybe you can relate?


Through our private work together, she's beginning to shift her mindset and apply The Laws of Worthiness to her everyday life.


In doing so, she's now realizing that it's the ‘way' she's looking at things; it's her perspective, that's tripping her up and blocking her from making more money in her business.


The reason why it’s essential to recognize the 'way' you're thinking about things in your life is because the mindset you hold is a direct response to how deserving you truly feel of getting what you want, whether its love or money or more enjoyment out of your life. 

Most women I know and work with (whether they are fully aware of this or not) are holding onto some version of a very deep and very personal story of feeling not good enough.” I have one myself. I know the story well. 


And guess what?

Click to tweet. The buck and the love stops right here; right inside your story of ‘not good enough.’

This feeling of unworthiness becomes a parasite, posing a threat to every single thing you do. And I really do mean every single thing. It affects how you feel and think about yourself every moment of every day. 


This is why so many people end up stuck in a holding pattern of suffering and never realizing their dreams. They fail to address the most critical piece. It's the deserving piece that lays the foundation for you to realize your most richly rewarding life. And if you get the foundation right, the rest of your life will begin to take shape. 


You can visualize financial freedom until the cows come home but if you don't truly expect that it will happen; if you don't really believe that you are deserving of what financial freedom may bring you; you simply won’t have the power to reel it in.


Back to my client.

By taking a more detailed look at her specific thoughts around money and her daily habits in running her business, my client was able to see with remarkable clarity what she was really saying to herself about how worthy she feels of making more money, of having a business that will give her the chance to create the life she's always dreamed of. 


She began to talk to herself about money in a new way. She shifted her mindset from, "This is hard. I am struggling. I don't have enough money to support myself." to"There's plenty of money here for me.  In fact, the money is already here."


With the slightest modification of her mindset she changed her perspective drastically.  This change in mindset changed her entire story of deserving underneath. I want you to see that it's the story of deserving that always has the final say. 

She went from “This is hard." Underlying belief being, “Maybe I’ll never get the life I want. Maybe I’m not good enough.”  to “The money is already here.“ Underlying belief being, I am worthy of financial abundance.


This shift is no small thing. 


As her perspective shifted so did her energy.  This new energy level coupled with her positive mindset led her to take another look at her outstanding invoices. Low and behold she discovered, "Holy shit, this is in fact true! The money is already here. I just haven't been letting it in." 


She now sees that a big part of why the money hadn't come was because she was stuck inside a story of fear and struggle and doubt and she was making decisions from this place.

She was operating in her business (and life) from the mindset of "maybe this will never happen for me."


This is the mindset of our most unworthy self. This is the mindset that ruins our chances of realizing our dreams. 

I want you to see that it's not fear or doubt or your limiting beliefs that are getting in your way. It's 'normal' to be scared and doubt yourself along the way. But it's what we do to ourselves with our “not good enough’ narrative that affects every single thing. 

My client's shift in mindset has improved the quality of her life in so many different ways.


She’s beginning to make more money and it's coming to her now in a much easier way. Instead of hustling so hard to try to make it come, the money is starting to find her.


Her love-life is improving. Because of her new worthy mindset she is more relaxed inside her relationship. She's no longer micro-managing who her partner is being and this shift in her energy and behavior has caused her boyfriend to show up to their relationship in a much more supportive and meaningful way.


Her new shift in mindset is also having a profoundly positive effect on how she feels about herself throughout the day. She is more energized, more motivated, and more proud of herself.


She feels less anxious and much more in control of how she's using her time. She's more confident about her ability to reach her goals and she's spending a lot more time enjoying her life.


Her worthiness work is starting to change everything.


I share this with you today because I want you to see how much better your life can feel and how much more powerful you become when you start to make even the smallest shift in ‘how’ you’re thinking about things. 


When you to take an honest look at what you're really saying to yourself, you can become an unstoppable force in attracting abundance across the spectrum of your life.


My client realized that more financial freedom was available to her in her life right now. This doesn't mean there isn't lots of hard work to be done in service of the big financial freedom you're longing have, but sometimes the hardest part is being willing to let it in.

What is it you want most in your life right now? 
What's one small mindset shift you can make today to begin letting it in?


If you want even more personalized help deliberately shaping your money, love or life story, you can learn more about working with me here.


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