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Today's Video Note - July 9 2015

After the video, ask yourself this...

  • In what way specifically, am I holding myself back from being seen?

  • What scares me the most about exposing myself more?

  • What's the cost (ie: what do I lose out on) by not allowing myself to be a more real version of myself?

  • What's the message of worthiness I send myself by hiding parts of me? What am I saying about how deserving I am of exposing the real me?

  • In what area of my life specifically, am I longing to be a more real version of myself?

  • This is one small move I want to make to allow myself to be seen. 

Get into the arena of your life. Be scared. Get dirty. Cry it out.

Fall down. Get back up. Know your why. Let yourself be judged.

Decide that you are worthy of being seen.  

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