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Today's Video Note - July 8 2015

After the video, ask yourself this...

  • In what way would you love to incorporate more play into your everyday life? Try to be as specific as possible.

  • What scares you about allowing yourself more space to play?

  • What mindset or belief might be blocking you from allowing yourself to play more?

  • What might be the cost of not allowing yourself to play? What toll is it taking on your everyday life?

  • How worthy do you really feel of giving yourself space to play? Of allowing yourself to enjoy your life more?

  • What if you knew for sure that more play would help you reach your goals in a way that felt easier, less stressful and faster? How might that change how you show up to your life?

"Your most powerful and purpose-driven life lies in your ability to let yourself play. - Lori Fields, LCSW

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