A personal mastermind for the purpose driven & passionate.


"My experience with Lori was nothing short of excellent.

My call with her gave me clarity and courage to make a difficult life decision and launch on a path that is aligned with who I am.  I feel at peace with where I am & the direction I am following."

- Nicole S -

Your Ambition Session

I work with ambitious women who want more. Woman who are tired of hustling in their life and business only to end up tired and disappointed.  

Your ambition session is your one-off, private Masterclass, designed to help you better understand why you’re stuck and then move forward in a way that’s easier and far more satisfying. 

Share with me what's stressing you most, what you'd love to see happen, how you're dying to start feeling, a goal you've got your heart set on, and you'll get a personalized plan for better results.

In our one hour session together you'll learn the exact mindset shift and my Law of Worthiness that are the x-factors to having your life look and feel the way you want.

My goal is for you to leave the call with a clear sense of which small shifts will make the most meaningful difference. 

The Details

:: Thought-provoking questions. I'll email you them when you book your session.  Completing these will help up both show up to the call with more clarity. 

:: 60-minute private consult. It’s just you and me. It’s the #1 most powerful way I can help you reach your goals. 

:: My notes.  I”ll email you my thoughts after our call highlighting the key things to be thinking about / working on as you move forward.   

:: MP3 recording . Return to your recording anytime and as often as you like, for continued motivation and guidance.

:: Preferred rate on select, future coaching package. 

Booking Your Session

:: I reserve two slots a week for Ambition Sessions. You can click here to see what’s available.  If these times don’t work for you, just shoot me an email and we’ll figure it out. 

:: Sessions are $150 to be paid upon booking. 

:: Once payment is received, I’ll send you your questions.

:: MP3 recording will be sent shortly after our session.

At the intersection of clarity, ambition & self-permission

lies the potential for all that you dream of.