Praise from Clients 

"I am so grateful to be part of this already. I'm loving every second.

This is SO VALUABLE. – Phoebe S. 

"Worthy Nation has been more than just an amazing tool, it’s morphed into an encouraging touchstone for me to check in with each day & a way for me to be held accountable for promises I make to myself.

Thank you to all the women inside Worthy Nation & thank you  Lori for creating this inspiring forum full of amazing women!  – Heather Zicko

"Thanks to the support of the powerful women in this group, I again have the courage to take that next step of a powerful, vulnerable, authentic

conversation." – Sara Dochterman

"Worthy Nation is inspiring me to take risks and swing for the fences in both my life & my career.  Being a part of this community has helped me come to some new MAJOR realizations that are helping me enlarge my career. Thank you so much. – Tanya Richardson

“Joining Worthy Nation is one of the best things I have ever done.
It has helped me let out the happier, worthy, strong woman I have been hiding.” – Becky Handley

"Working with you has been more powerful than any “therapy” I received in the past. I feel that you are brilliant; with flawless, on-demand insight in every communication interaction we’ve had. I’m a HUGE fan of yours, and I wish I could sign on with you as a client for a lifetime contract.” - J.D. 

"I loved working with Lori.  She helped me align with my best self, by reminding me to accept & love my emotional side, & to make time for the things that I enjoy most. Lori gave me the tools to observe and break those habits which no longer serve me. And, we had fun along the way.


Lori has a REAL gift for healing & empowering." – Julie Kashen

When you're ready to step into your most worthy & powerful self; join us inside Worthy Nation.

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