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This Is YOUR Life.

Who do you want to be? 

What is it you've come here to do?

Come with me. We'll make it come true.

The Way of The Worthy Warrior       starts here. 


Lori's Lessons

These are not a suggestions, they are the immutable Laws of Worthiness.  These daily lessons are the way to your biggest & best life. 

What is The Way of the Worthy Warrior?

Teaches you how to change the quality of your life for good. To live from a place of deliberate choosing and deep purpose. A unique and revolutionary method called The Law of Worthiness.

By taking control of the quality of your thought and fully understanding your own deeply personal Story of Deserving,  you hold the power to turn what you truly long for into a deliberately designing of your most poweful and purpose-driven, rich life.


It's a daily practice of showing up to yourself each and every day from a place of radical awareness & responsibility.  It's for the woman ready to lead her life, ready to take leave behind old ways of thinking and behaving that are keeping you trapped inside a life-long pattern of feeling unfulfilled, stressed, overwhelmed and frustrated. 


Through re-writing your story of 'not good enough' you can begin to change EVERY. THING. about your life. 


It's a spiritual practice of holding yourself accountable for who you most want to be. It begin with a deliberate choosing of seeing the lesson in every single thing.  I will show you how everything is here to help you find your way. It begins by using my daily notes from #YourWorthySelf to help you find your way each day. 


It doesn't have to feel so hard.
Let me show you.

Start by signing up for daily notes 
from #YourWorthySelf


This is how

you find your way.

"I have read your email a few times and I'm surprising myself immensely. You have been so instrumental in revealing all this to me.

It was right there under the surface waiting to be uncovered. It's crazy how we (mostly women) don't understand how brave and wise we really are. You are doing such important work Lori.


Oh the Law of Worthiness! That is SO good. Before any Law of Attraction can even take place I must feel that I am worthy of it. That is exactly what's starting to happen for me.

Through working with you I can now see that all of the external things I was attempting to change were really just wasted efforts without my worthiness work.  I can see it so clearly now.  
Thank you for guiding me through this amazing work. You are brilliant!" - Michelle Hayes


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Notes from #YourWorthySelf

Exactly what you need to hear to start your day feeling inspired, empowered & most alive.

Let #YourWorthySelf in. She's here to help you find your way. 

Sample notes

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